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Classical Hatha Yoga


I started practicing hatha yoga regularly in 2013 in Munich, Germany, during my PhD studies in neuroscience. A new world opened up for me, and after the yoga classes, I was in a completely different, satisfied state. Yoga reduced stress and created a new perspective on life. With moving and getting to know my physical body in a new way, by doing pranayama or breathing exercises and by developing my focus, the sense of energy movements in the body and the feeling of connection with our true nature gradually opened up for me.

I did my yoga teacher training in 2018, already living in Bonn, under the guidance of very good Indian and international teachers (Yogalife International, certified 200 h RYT). Soon, I also did the teacher training for yogic relaxation, yoga nidra (Yogalife International) and have further taken courses and practiced trauma-sensitive yoga, Antastha yoga, Thai yoga, Reiki, Practical Consciousness, and Babaji kriya yoga. I have been teaching yoga classes since 2018.

When I moved back to Estonia, I continued online classes with my German yoga group and now combine online teaching with studio classes. Therefore, I also teach in English. I enjoy sharing yoga and that each yoga class is a co-creation with the participants, which brings us closer to ourselves and to what is timeless. I would call it coming home.