TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) is a powerful practice for healing the body and the mind. The method has been created by David Berceli, Phd, who developed exercises for triggering the natural vibration in the body by combining the principles bioenergetics and eastern martial arts. It is based on the notion that the body initially has a healing force inside itself, which is within reach to everyone who is ready to receive it. The tension in the muscles caused by stress, traumas and suppressed feelings make way for never ending anguish and depression in the everyday life by constantly triggering new negative reactions, problems and obstacles. Mental effort is not enough to get out of this vicious circle. It is essential to invest in the harmonious interaction of the organism physically. Only though inner harmony can we meet our surrounding reflections which bring joy and support to our heart.

TREs specialty is that all of the needed “purification” is done by the body itself. The individual is just an observer, listener and perceiver. The success of TRE is positively influenced by trusting the body to operate by itself. As a result of the spontaneous vibration in the body, the most microscopical tensions are released, a space opens up for new perceptions and energy and balance is restored between the body and the mind. The people who the TRE method speaks to, have an invaluable skill to create constant well-being and to tune into a more easygoing, simpler and flowing existence.

Every session has a healing effect. Once you have learned the exercises, it is possible to use these throughout your life, supporting and developing your mental and physical well-being, opening up to yourself in a natural and unique way by expanding the cognitive relationship between you and the world. The exercises are simple and require no physical preparation and are performed comfortably without excessive effort. They are always the same, although every session can be substantially different. The attention is focused on inner sensations, which can vary from session to session. For a lot of people the concept of presence and having contact with your body, takes on a new meaning and substance, because it is felt very clearly while being in line with the processes going on in the body at the present moment. The important part is acceptance. The accompanying meditative state develops by itself without effort. The process is a unique and individual experience for everyone, relaxing the body down to the core and revealing new perspectives in self-awareness.

You can come to an individual TRE session alone or with a friend or family. When you participate with a partner you gain support for interpersonal relationships. Especially good results can be seen between parents and children. The private session in english can be taken as a consultation to later join open classes in Estonian.

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