Este teaches classical hatha yoga but incorporates aspects from other styles of yoga in the class based on the needs of students. She learnt hatha yoga from her Indian yoga teachers at Yogalife International, with the foundation of teachings inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga. The class starts with a small meditation to arrive at the mat and the present moment. Gentle warm-up exercises for joints and muscles are followed by the practice of asanas or bodily postures, and the class finishes with the final relaxation, yoga nidra, or meditation. We also incorporate pranayama or breathing techniques, mudras or hand postures, bandhas or energy locks, and optional mantras.

To Este, hatha yoga is an integrative practice that allows us to be present with our body, energy, spirit, and still the mind, while remaining to be an observer. It helps to develop awareness of the processes that take place within us. Awareness and acceptance allow tensions and what does not support us to resolve. As a result, we feel wholeness, natural ease, and joy. This ultimately leads to yoga or union, a blissful state everyone can experience.

The classes are available to everyone, independent of their physical form, body type or yoga experience. The asanas can be adjusted based on a student's needs on a specific day. Just come as you are.