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Individual sessions



My classes are the combination of static and dynamic yoga-styles. The level could differ from the beginner to high-intermediate, it is always depends on students. The major focus of practice is doing all movements and asanas consciously. I also use different breathing techniques during classes, which help to improve the practice itself and speed up the positive results in your everyday life. Due to my experience and science-based studying of yoga as rehabilitation tool my main principle – not to make harm.

Education in yoga:

Certified hatha-yoga instructor (Rishikesh, India 2012)
Certified air-yoga instructor (International Air-yoga School, Moscow, Russia 2012)
Certified apnea-yoga instructor L1 (Moscow, Russia 2014)
Certified postnatal yoga instructor (Moscow, Russia, 2018)

Education in other fields:

Mechanical Diagnosis and therapy (The McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand, 2018 - in progress)
Diploma in Therapeutic Physical Training (Institute of traditional Rehabilitation Systems, 2017)
Certified Thai massage master (Level 1) (Thai massage school of Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2015)
Certified massage therapist (Institute of professional Massage, Moscow, Russia, 2014)