Embedded in the true & sacred roots of yoga, this is a style of yoga for those who wish to dive deep into the dimensional spaces of yoga & be inspired and empowered by its Yin, softer, meditative and soulful side.

Yoga is not just the act of doing it but the state of being and living. In these classes we will discover the ways how to bring yoga out of the class room into our modern life and, most importantly, into everyday action. We will dive into the depths of the chakras and learn to sense these powerful energy centres deeper – that’s what Chakra Evolution yoga is about!

We will spend at 5 classes in each chakra to learn & sense them from different angles. We will do this through physical postures - asanas, meditations, and yogic breathing techniques called pranayama.

You are welcome, no matter your background, gender, body type or flexibility or your previous yoga experience. The only thing needed is the will to show up for yourself :) It’s possible to join the classes at any moment, no matter if you’ve participated in our previous classes.

Chakra Evolution yoga classes are in English & depending on the participants, also in Estonian.

In Vinyasa Flow class we move from one position to another one using our breath as a guide combining different asanas. The class is slightly different every time. Sometimes we pay attention to a specific area like hips or shoulders; sometimes we focus on balance or twists, and sometimes we just practice handstands for fun. Very often, we find ourselves in the asanas that we couldn't even imagine we can do. In this class, you are guaranteed to forget your everyday problems, to get a calmer mind and feeling better in your own body.