Yogatherapy is a sсience-based approach to improve your level of wellbeing which uses mostly techniques from yoga physical exercises, combined with special addition if it is necessary. Each program is unique and created for specific client’s needs. Using all your medical conclusions and additional functional testing it is, mostly, possible not only feel, but see results in figures.

Here are the main cases, but absolutely not all of them, where your personal yogatherapeutic training could be used:

- Pre- and Postnatal period,
- Poor posture,
- Scoliosis (I level in pubertal period – could be eradicated totally, all other cases – the way of moving and filling can be drastically improved),
- Metabolic syndrome,
- Type 2 diabetes - improving the everyday condition,
- PMS syndrome - decrease or avoid totally.

The yogatherapy session usually takes 60 minutes.
Price: 30 EUR 1 session (usually 1 hour, the first session sometimes takes more).

To book an appointment please contact:

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